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    Two-Dimensional MHD Simulation of Chromospheric Evaporation Driven by Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flares
    The thermal energy driving the evaporation is first supplied from the coronal magnetic field through the magnetic reconnection mechanism and is transported into the chromosphere by heat conduction. Nonlinear anisotropic heat conduction and radiative cooling of optically-thin plasma are taken into account. The results show that temperature distribution is similar to the cusp-like structure of long-duration-event (LDE) flares observed by the soft X-ray telescope aboard Yohkoh satellite.
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    Three-Dimensional MHD Simulation of Magneto-rotational Instability
  • Topic 2
    Discovery of Reconnection Inflow of a Solar Flare

  • Topic 3
    Scaling Law of Flare T vs. EM
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    Flare 1999-5-29
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    Discovery of Sub-Second-Time-Scale Propagation of a Non-Thermal Source by Nobeyama Radioheligoraph

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